Platypus Boards

Wave Pattern Balance Board

$ 99.98

Whether you ride water, snow, or asphalt build your balance on our handmade wave pattern balance board. This custom engraved wave pattern looks slick, while providing great grip. Balance boards improve balance and core strength training.


  • 29"W x 11"L x 1.5"H Wooden Balance Board 220lbs weight limit
  • Built-in stoppers you you don't crash and burn
  • Platypus Boards Decal
  • Instruction Sheet

Configuration Options:

  • Deck Only
  • Deck with Standard PVC/Wood Caps Roller
  • Deck with 16"L x 4.75"D Wooden Speed Roller

Each board is made by hand and good vibes in Cleveland, Ohio. Boards are built to order and ship in 1-2 weeks during this initial run.

These boards are handmade and we stand by our craftsmanship, but if you are looking for a perfectly machined product, keep on looking.